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We build solutions for business technology challenges.

Small and medium-sized businesses often lack the in-house expertise to address some of their key information technology challenges. We bridge that gap — with custom solutions that deliver lasting results.

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Our Story

From airfields to oilfields to the medical field, we build technology solutions

We’re technology consultants who do more than consult. We build. We implement and even help manage solutions we design for clients. We specialize in custom business software design and data analytics. And we have extensive expertise with clients in fields ranging from oil  services and healthcare to critical military aerospace systems — an area where lives depend on the reliability of our solutions.

Robert Anstett

Founder & Software Architect

Robert Anstett is the founder of Southport Solutions, offering clients deep experience as a software architect and engineer. In addition to software engineering, he specializes in product management, database design, project management and IT management. Prior to establishing the firm, he was Lead Project Engineer for A3 Concepts, where he led the full-stack development and deployment of a revolutionary app that improved safety for oil service workers. He has also designed and executed system tests for the Sikorsky CH-53K “King Stallion” helicopters built for the Marine Corps and U.S. Navy.


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Bobby Brady

Junior Software Engineer

Bobby Brady is a Junior Software Developer at Southport Solutions bringing a creative spirit while building customer solutions. While in the United States Navy Bobby wrote software to guide Unmanned Underwater Vehicles in their effort to locate mines in the ocean. After 6 years in the military, Bobby attended the Nashville Software School where he learned full-stack software development skills.


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We have extensive experience designing requirements and testing complex flight control systems that members of the U.S. military trust with their lives. Among the systems we have designed and tested are flight-critical systems on both rotor-wing and fixed-wing aircraft.


For healthcare clients, we have designed both patient- and internal-facing systems that contain sensitive medical data. These applications include patient portals, survey apps, a sign-on system and data analytics tools.

Oil Services

Our work with the oil services industry has included designing an application to distribute standard operating procedures to oil service workers and collect job safety analyses. This path-breaking application enabled customers more easily to distribute proper procedures to crews and to audit safety, facilitating a safer working environment.


We  have full stack expertise with backend technologies in ASP.NET, WebAPI, ASP.NET Core, SQL Server, Azure SQL, Entity Framework, and Dapper. Our front-end expertise includes ASP.NET MVC, AngularJS, JavaScript, and control libraries from Telerik and DevExpress. 


All of our clients have one thing in common. They’re different.

We customize solutions for each client’s unique set of needs. The answers start with questions: What’s hindering your productivity? How can we help you work better?


Here are a few typical challenges that clients tell us they face.


“Our systems don’t talk to each other.”

We can work with you consultatively to design and implement integrated systems that help optimize your workflow, saving time and money.


“We have too much downtime.”

We can design and implement solutions — including cloud solution — that improve your systems’ reliability (and your productivity).


“We need to improve our customer service experience.”

Our live-person services provide a seamless extension of your staff to improve customer service and efficiency via multiple communication channels.


“We don’t know exactly what we need.”

We can serve as your organization’s “Virtual Chief Technology Officer” to analyze your existing systems and your needs and to implement durable solutions.


“We don’t have an in-house IT department.”

We can provide email services for your organization, keep your systems operating smoothly and train your staff to use them all effectively.


We can analyze existing systems; identify deficiencies in security, performance and efficiency; and create a plan to remediate them.


Requirements Development

We work with your team to development technical requirements that ensure successful development.


Systems Development & Implementation

We will develop, test and implement a robust, reliable system.



We can implement custom, real-time data analytics for your organization.


Five reasons why clients choose Southport Solutions






We have the right experience. We’ve worked with large organizations and small startups, on wide-ranging projects and highly focused ones. When it comes to business technology systems, we’ve practically done it all.

We’re nimble and responsive. Our clients don’t have to deal with cumbersome bureaucracies, long lead times and high overhead costs.

We communicate. We’re upfront about costs, recommendations and project scope, and we keep you apprised of our work every step of the way.

We’re personalized. Our broad experience equips us to tailor solutions for each client’s needs.

We deliver results. Most of all, we have a strong track record for meeting clients’ needs — and exceeding their expectations.


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